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Greater Tasks to Begin

For more than 75 years, Gamma Mu Omega Chapter has fulfilled the sorority’s mission of “Service to All Mankind” through its many service programs that address our community's needs, with an intense focus on youth educational and leadership development. 

The following signature service programs are conducted annually and biennially by the Gamma Mu Omega Chapter:

Accent on Youth
Since 1967, the mission of Accent on Youth (AOY) has been to empower young women to become well-rounded and poised contributors to society by providing them with educational enhancement activities and opportunities for a high level of personal and social growth.  AOY members are outstanding young ladies in grades eight through twelve whom the Gamma Mu Omega Chapter assist in recognizing their potential to become strong and empowered women.

Debutante Cotillion Program 

The goal of Gamma Mu Omega's biennial Debutante Cotillion Program is to provide activities that will enhance the development of outstanding young women in the Greater Daytona Beach Area. Girls selected to participate are required to take part in a community service project and attend workshops covering a variety of topics including: social etiquette, health and personal finance.  Participants also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

High School Scholarship Program 

Gamma Mu Omega Chapter annually presents $1,000 scholarships to deserving graduating seniors in the Daytona Beach area.  Applications are distributed through the guidance counseling offices of Daytona Beach area schools.  Awards are announced during the spring graduation season.

Men of Tomorrow 

Men of Tomorrow is a biennial program designed to provide young men in the eleventh and twelfth grades leadership and mentorship opportunities while preparing for a debut presentation.  At the conclusion of the program, participants will have developed presentation skills, completed a community service project, and cultivated new, lasting friendships.  Participants also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

For more information on these programs, e-mail us at

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